The purpose of the Junior Singles League is to create an opportunity for children (boys & girls) to participate in singles matches.  For convenience, all matches will be played at Dekalb Tennis Center.


How it works:

Participants receive a seven-week league schedule. All players are guaranteed at least five matches and will be provided in advance with players’ names, contact phone numbers, email addresses and their opponent for each week’s match. 


Players are grouped into different divisions according to playing level. 

  • Green division (green dot ball, full court).  This division plays 8 game pro-set, with 7-point tie-breaker at 8.
  • Orange division (orange ball, 60ft. court).  This division plays 8 game pro-set, with 7-point tie-breaker at 8.
  • Yellow division (regular ball, full court). This division plays 2 out of 3 sets, no-ad scoring.  10-point tie break in lieu of a 3rd set.

Players or parents must contact their opponent for each week’s match and play within the 7 day period.  Matches cancelled due to inclement weather can be made up any time during the regular calendar season as long as it is agreed upon by both players. Forfeits should be avoided as much as possible, since the whole point of the league is to gain match play experience.  Play begins on Monday of each week. All matches must be completed by Sunday at 6pm per league schedule.  Upon completion of each match the winning player is responsible for posting scores in the pro shop.



The top two finishers will be awarded by most winning percentage.  If there is a tie, then number of games won will decide the final two.  The top two finishers in each division will meet in a championship match on “Finals Day”. Finals day will be held at Dekalb Tennis Center on the date TBD.  Prizes will be awarded to both the champion and the finalist in each division.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – What constitutes a league match?
A – A league match for Green and Orange divisions consists of an 8-game pro set (first to reach 8 games, win by 2.  Tie break played at 8-8).  One point is awarded for each game won.  Yellow division plays 2 out of 3 sets.  10-point tie break in lieu of a 3rd set.

Q – How do I sign up for this league?
A – Complete the attached registration form with your preferred payment method and drop them off at the Dekalb Tennis Center.  The League Coordinator will place each player in the appropriate division.

Q – Who supplies the balls for league matches?
A – Dekalb Tennis Center will provide tennis balls for all of the matches.

QForfeit – If my opponent is late for his/her match, how much time should I give my opponent before the match is considered a forfeit?
A – A 15-minute default rule will be in effect.  Please make every effort not to forfeit any matches.

Q – Is there an additional fee for court time?
A – No, all court fees are included in the $60 cost of the league.